Vivreau system

We serve you our own spring water

The water we serve you comes from a local source. We directly filter it on the spot and bottle it on demand. This allows us to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

To avoid the incessant rounds of bottle recycling, involving trucks and toxic products, we entered into a partnership with the company Vivreau, which ensures a perfect filtering our spring water and environmental management of our bottles.

The food industry talks about “food miles” and in the water industry we talk about “water miles”. Transporting bottled water around the UK from Europe and even nowadays from the Pacific Islands, creates a huge negative impact on the environment. Not only is water being transported by road, creating congestion and pollution, there is also the issue surrounding glass and plastic packaging waste. Our research shows that 80% of a typical city office’s glass packaging waste is attributed to pre-bottled mineral water.

Although recycling facilities are available, this still has a negative impact on the environment and re-using will always prove to be more efficient than recycling. Therefore the installation of a Table Water Bottling System, with re-usable Designer glass bottles for pure chilled still and sparkling water, has an immediate and dramatic impact on a client’s carbon footprint.

Filtering the water from our own source allows us to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

A drop in the ocean?
Maybe ... But Small drops make big rivers!

Lac de Joux
Copeaux de bois

How do forests warm up the Marchairuz

The wood is included in a natural cycle. The vast forests and pastures of the Jura fix solar energy. Carbon dioxide (CO2) produced during the decomposition or combustion of wood is regenerated by the forests. Wood is a renewable energy.

The ancestral  exploitation of forests and pastures has shaped the landscape of the Jura. Without the action of man, the land, composed mainly of spruce forest, would be continuous and mainly crowded with hardwoods.

Owners and the Forest Services designate trees to be felled. After cutting, the wood is shaped and transported to be processed into various products (construction, furniture, firewood, mainly). The lower quality wood is shredded into chips for powering automatic boiler, as wood boiler of Marchairuz.

Wood chips heat throughout the hotel restaurant and the building of Parc Jura Vaudois. It is 32'000 liters of oil that are saved each year and thus the risk of pollution sources is deleted.

Forestry activity also helps keep work places in the region.